Taco a Go - Go
how do you take your tacos – Urban, Rusty, or Rock’n?
by Kerrie Sparks // food-sparks.com.

It’s widely accepted that Dallas has jumped head-long into themed snacking and dining.
First fro-yo, then cupcakes,  and now tacos. Hmm, does that make us cattle; all grouped
together, following the eard…Texas, Longhorns, moo? Whatever it makes us, we’re reaping
the benefits of some tasty cuisine, and I believe if anything is gonna’ go over like gangbusters
in the Lonestar state, it ought to be tacos!
In this month’s column we talk with Markus Pinyero of Urban Taco, who just opened their new
location on McKinney Ave., Rusty Fenton of Rusty Taco over on Greenville Ave., and Jose
Rodriguez of Rock ‘n’ Taco, also on McKinney Ave.

KS: Who initially came up with the concept for the restaurant?

Urban: Myself, in 2007.
Rusty: I’ve been playing with the idea since I did a taqueria
concept in 2000 with Stephen Pyles and Michael Cox, Taqueria Canonita.
That and tacos go great with beer and margaritas.

Rock’n: My partners Avi Adri and Billy Salsberg

KS: What drove the design concept for the space?

Urban: Influences from my travels to Mexico and Acapulco;
Mexican architecture, Mexico City street landscapes and coastal spice.
Rusty: The goal was to keep it looking like a gas station that served food.

We had to pull back our design several times because we did not want
it to appear like a gas station that became a restaurant that sells food.
We also wanted to keep that huge awning to use as our patio, lots of
shade. It's like those gas station designers knew what they were doing.

Rock’n: There was a need for something inviting on that corner for a long time.
We wanted to put something there that would attract people all
hours of the day and night. Dallas love’s their patios, so we decided to make
an indoor/outdoor feel by having doors that slide open.
Okay, I’ve armed you with all the info you need to embark on a ‘Tour de Taco’.
Grab some friends, go forth and enjoy, and by all means personalize it.

Urban Taco                    Rusty Taco                     Rock ‘n’ Taco
3411 McKinney Ave       4802 Greenville Ave       2916 McKinney Ave
Dallas. TX 75204              Dallas. TX 75206               Dallas. TX 75204
urban-taco.com               therustytaco.com            therockntaco.com

Kerrie Sparks is the art director of a North Texas arts and architecture magazine
and has quite the foodie following at
KS: In your opinion, what’s the best thing on the menu?

Urban: Maple habanero glazed steak or tacos al pastor from our
rotisserie grill.

Rusty: All the tacos are like my children, although some are adopted!
I love the #2 Pulled Pork Taco- simply rubbed with salt, pepper and
garlic and roasted for four hours, then we top it with pickled red onions and
cotija cheese. I will confess that I have a Baja Shrimp Taco almost every day.

Rock’n: The Rock Your Own Taco, which lets you pick four tacos from
our traditional tacos list, the type of tortilla and the fixings you want on each taco.
It includes rice and black beans, so you get to try a lot of
our menu items while enjoying a full meal. For sweets I have to go with
the homemade churros.
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