"because it's the right thing to do"
by Kerrie Sparks
When standing in your local Chipotle,
starving, staring at the steam table of
components, you may not be thinking
about the LED lighting in the bathrooms,
the Energy Star equipment in the
kitchen, or even the fact that Chipotle
holds the title for the number one
restaurant seller of naturally raised
meat…in the world. You’re probably just
really hungry for an exceptionally great
burrito that’s the size of a muffler. And
you’re probably right there with about
two-thirds of the nation.
But, would you love that burrito even
more if you knew that the meat came
from a local sustainable farmer, a
derivative of Chipotle’s ‘Food With
Integrity’ mission? Or that the walls are
dressed in low VOC (Volatile Organic
Compound) primers and paints? Like
the artwork on the walls? It’s made from
everyday items you can find at your
local Home Depot, like corrugated
metal, plywood, and steel, artfully
arranged by Bruce Gueswel of
Since launching their mission to source food products locally, specifically sustainably
raised meats, Chipotle has set the trend among ‘fast food’eating establishments.
They apply those sustainable initiatives in their building materials and choice of
location as well. For instance, the West End Dallas location is a rehabilitated a
space, taking up residence in the historic district known as the West End
Marketplace. The rich honey color of the original hardwoods, expansive plate
glass windows, and exposed rafters lend a soft, yet industrial look to this location.
Chipotle’s Director of Design, Scott L. Shippey, LEED AP, agrees that location was a
benefit when rehabilitating the West End location, saying, “It was an opportunity
to enter a dense downtown market. The challenges come once you start demo
and turn up hidden conditions that you didn’t plan on. But in the end it’s well
worth it. These historic spaces have a richness of character that you can’t
duplicate in new construction.
Traveling with your pups and still want a burrito? The West End location offers
dog-friendly outdoor dining, so Fido can have his tortilla and eat it too!
Dallas - West End Chipotle
208 N. Market Street
Dallas, TX 75202
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it's the right
thing to do"
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