The ever-budding neighborhood of Dallas Design District recently
sprouted a new kind of coffee joint. Ascension does specialty
coffee by day and turns into a wine bar at night, all the while
dishing up paninis, hummus and a variety of internationally
inspired plates.
Decked in light wood and trimmed in steel, Ascension feels like an independently-owned
place you would find on the dense streets of San Francisco. Several walls have been
converted into chalkboards that display daily specials, and notably none of the floor
tiles match – a hodge-podge of white and charcoal stones makes for a quirky, yet
lovable personality. The front façade of the building is windows, floor to ceiling, which
allow the space to fill with a natural light during the day. At night, car headlights twinkle
passed Oak Lawn Ave. like specs of light dispelled from the downtown skyscrapers

Perhaps the most difficult decision you’ll have to make at Ascension is which way you
prefer you’re coffee. This is not a cream or sugar decision; it’s a matter of how you
want your coffee brewed. Ascension offers single-origin cups (beans from a
singular plantation), as well as four methods of “slow brewing.” Needless to say,
the bar looks like a science lab of caffeinated madness.

Any coffee guru will swoon for the nutty and smoky flavors this shop produces by
the cup. The drinks are of such high quality, in fact, that even a more seasoned
latte drinker can down a cup of Joe in its blackest state. (The lattes, by the way,
are perfect in both texture and taste.) Where Ascension really shines, however,
is in their espresso. Try a cortado or shot for best results.
onion, cilantro and parsley in a spicy Portuguese “Mozambique” broth – or the
Marquez Sausage – Moroccan lamb sausage with warm white bean salad.

Whatever your pleasure, be sure to stop and enjoy the sociable atmosphere of
Ascension. With good drinks, good food and good people, there is no way you
can go wrong.

Ascension Coffee | 1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207 | 214.741.3211
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