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Craighead-Green Gallery:
Craighead-Green Gallery represents the finest in contemporary art from nationally and
internationally recognized artists. The gallery in 1992 in the heart of the Dallas Arts District. The
gallery focuses on contemporary paintings and sculptures in a myriad of media and styles.
1011 Dragon St

Haley-Henman Gallery:
HALEY-HENMAN is a modern art gallery exhibiting art of all media by emerging and established
artists, particularly supporting the diversity of our regional artists. The gallery promotes the dialog
among these artists and their collectors, and collaborates with other galleries and institutions.

Holly Johnson Gallery:
Holly Johnson Gallery is located in the Dallas Art and Design District at 1411 Dragon Street. The
nearly 6000 sq.ft  gallery specializes in contemporary art in all media by emerging, mid-career,
and established artists. The gallery’s varied exhibition program reflects a broad range of
twentieth century ideas appealing to collectors with diverse interests 1411 Dragon St

Southwest Gallery:
Having been in business for over three decades, we are one of Dallas' oldest and largest art
galleries. Our 16,000 square foot gallery features fine 19th and 20th Century paintings and
sculpture.  4500 Sigma Rd

Tally Dunn Contemporary:
The gallery is committed to exhibiting outstanding and groundbreaking contemporary art in a
variety of media by established and emerging artists. The gallery works very closely with a
stable of nearly twenty artists on exhibitions, projects, and publications. In addition to
organizing year-round exhibitions at the gallery, 5020 Tracy St  

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden:
Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden was founded in 1954 by Margaret and Donald Vogel.
The Modernist-style gallery, along with the 4+ acre sculpture garden, is located in its original
North Dallas location. The gallery represents established and emerging contemporary artists
working in inventive ways with traditional media. Many of our artists are connected in diverse
ways to Texas. We work directly with our artists, curating exhibitions in the gallery and
throughout the sculpture garden, as well as in museums and art centers, and we regularly
publish catalogues and exhibit in national art fairs. The gallery also deals in 19th and 20th
century American and European art, and specializes in reintroducing significant Early Texas art.

Mary Tomás Gallery:
Mary Tomás Gallery is a contemporary fine arts gallery offering collectors, designers and patrons
exciting and visionary art. Located in the vibrant Dallas Design District the gallery space
provides opportunities to inform, instruct and inspire art collectors. Since 2009, owners Mary and
Alberto Tomás purposefully select artists for their gallery roster who encompass unique artistic
styles and exhibit diverse backgrounds. Rotating exhibits feature regional, national and
international artists whose works may be found in private, corporate and museum collections.
Exhibits showcase painting, printmaking and sculpture. The gallery is engaged in the growth of
Dallas’ reputation as a flourishing arts destination.

Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art:
Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art seeks to advance artistic excellence, innovation, and
creativity to enrich the quality of life for individuals and communities at large through the
placement and exhibition of contemporary art.
The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
JANUARY 25 – APRIL 21,  2019
Ricardo Paniagua grew up in Dallas. He describes his path to becoming an artist as an
inspirational journey: “I had to fend for myself from an early age. I dropped out of high

school in the second month of my sophomore year. When I was 20, I discovered artist’s
paint, and became enthralled with the idea of limitless potential.

Hernan Jara was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1936 and received Architecture and Urban

Design degrees in France, where he currently lives and works. His geometric paintings
focus on varying interpretations of the square.

The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
3109 Carlisle Street, Dallas, TX 75204 / 214.855.7802
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Ricardo Paniagua